The Kid Table

Here is a review from a member of our teen book group:
The Kid Table by Andrea Seigal

Seventeen-year-old Ingrid Bell’s life has always been about family and the Kid Table.  The Kid Table has always been the place where Ingrid’s older relatives parked their children at family gatherings, long after most of them had outgrown the plastic table with tooth marks on it.  Brianne, Micah, Dom, Autumn, and Ingrid are all finishing up high school or going to college and feel that sharing a table with Katie, their four-year-old cousin, is no longer even laughable.

Everything seems annoyingly the same at Uncle Kevin’s non-religious bar mitzvah celebration until it becomes clear that Brianne, the eldest cousin, has been mysteriously upgraded to the adult table, leaving Ingrid and her other cousins nonplussed at this sudden favoritism.  But what Ingrid really doesn’t expect is to feel an attraction to Trevor, Brianne’s new boyfriend, leaving Ingrid torn between going behind Brianne’s back or never being with Trevor.

Andrea Seigal’s The Kid Table is a wry gripping read, though it doesn’t really feel like a real girl is telling the story.  Ingrid acts the way people would like to act at family gatherings.  She is an enjoyable character, likable, and (mostly) self-possessed.  However, the character and the situations don’t always feel realistic.  The situations described in The Kid Table are far from your run-of-the-mill family’s eccentricities (for example, hiring a grown man to serve champagne and portray a diapered Baby New Year for Ingrid’s aunt and uncle’s New Year’s party).  Though somewhat far-fetched, I still found The Kid Table quite a witty and entertaining novel.



~ by Dana on December 14, 2010.

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