The Sky is Everywhere

Here are two reviews of Jandy Nelson‘s THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE (Dial, $17.99), one from a reader and one from one of our staff.

Since last year I have been receiving a book once a month from Politics and Prose.  A couple weeks ago you sent THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE.  I read the whole book in about three hours and read it again the next day.  I then kept reading parts over and over until I literally forced my friend Morgan to read it.  That was last Thursday.  I could not fall asleep Thursday night because I was so excited to talk about the book with Morgan the next day.  The Sky is Everywhere is officially my favorite book of all time, and I am seriously in love with Toby.  Even though I realize he is a fictional character, all my friends are teasing me, and it is probably unhealthy, he is amazing.  —Justina

Lennie is overcome with grief when her older sister, Bailey, dies suddenly. Lennie refuses to change anything in the room the sisters shared. At school, she abandons the clarinet. She writes poems and leaves them behind wherever she goes. Lennie finds comfort in sharing her sorrow with Bailey’s boyfriend, Toby, but their need for each other turns in a direction Lennie never anticipated. In the midst of all this confusion, her new friend Joe is a joyous relief, and when she is with him THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Jandy Nelson laces this sexy novel with humor, compassion, and characters who will steal your heart.  –Mary Alice Garber


~ by Dana on August 12, 2010.

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