No Love, No Vampires

The new PG-15 blackboard showcases some great books, both old and new, that have NO love and NO vampires.  Try them out to get away from the usual romances and paranormal fiction.

Purple Heart, by Patricia McCormick (Balzer + Bray, $16.99)

After being injured in combat in Iraq, American soldier Matt struggles to remember what happened and copes with returning to war.

Bronx Masquerade, by Nikki Grimes (Speak, $6.99)

One teacher leads open-mike Fridays in his class, giving students the chance to express their realities through stories and verse.

Resistance, by Carla Jablonski (First Second, $16.99)

Two siblings become involved in the French Resistance Movement during WWII after hiding their German friend.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, by Joanne Greenberg (St. Martin’s, $6.99)

16-year-old Deborah spends 3 years in a mental hospital battling schizophrenia with a gifted psychologist during the 1940s.


~ by Dana on August 4, 2010.

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